Eyelash Glue #1E


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#1E Eyelash Extension Adhesive Bonding Glue

Our pharmaceutical adhesive is manufactured in the USA with stringent safety standards and formulated without harsh chemicals. The adhesive dries black, so it blends seamlessly into your natural lashes.

#1E Adhesive Bonding Glue Benefit:

Color: Black

Size: .34oz

Self life 1 year

– Odorless, fume-less and non-irritation

– Bonding up to 3 months if apply properly and fill in between every 2-3 weeks.

– Light weight

– Can contact water after 2 hrs

– Excellent quality

– More than 100 applications per bottle

– Dry quick helps shorten application time

INGREDIENT: Alky cyanoacrylate


– Prevent contact direct with eyes. If redness occurs, flush eyes with plenty of water and contact a physician.

– Keep product in cool dry place. Avoid direct sun light and heat. Close cap tied after each use to avoid drying.

– Recommended for experienced technicians who would like to expedite their application time.

– Keep out of reach children.

Made in USA


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